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About Us

Welcome to my website, my name is Haylee and im a web developer and single mother from London, UK. I developed this website to help people find parts easily after noticing that it was very hard to find the parts I needed for my car. I initially decided to create the website in 2013 but it ended up on the back burner for a couple years until I was presented with the problem once again of finding a used replacement axle for my 16V VW Polo that needed repair.

I found that for certain searches in google the answer I needed wasnt listed, most websites required me to enter details about my car and the part I needed and then I had to wait for responses, this is a good service but as someone like myself who grew up using catalogues (I was born in mid 70s) I prefered having images that I could sort through!.

Matching car parts are NOT easy to find, its a complicated field, even parts that appear to match, end up not matching despite being taken from the exact same car model, its a maze alot like a childs shape matching puzzle!.

The top spots in google searches are taken by 'request a part' type websites that have been around for many many years, these sites serve a purpose and do the job well but I feel they are dated and not using todays tech to its fullest. People want convenience and images provide more detail that any description could, i mean how could you explain the condition of a part fully in text alone? When the process involves images its more tactile almost more satisfiying and easier for those that are less confident in used part purchases.

The website was working very well with many many people finding parts for their cars and with a very low 5% refund rate for such a complicated market I thought this was very good.

Google decided that this wasnt worthy of their index and deleted my website in March 2017, I can understand why, they want more than just pages of links and text they want real authority, which is why im in the process of writing a list of documents that will aid people in finding, fixing, cleaning etc etc all kinds of used and new car parts, with the hope that google will index my website again. I also added a large number of features the previous website did not have, to help the user find what they are looking for as easy as possible.

I believe the future of car part purchasing will be made easier with the use of image recognition, user takes a pic of the part they need, and its matched automatically to parts available, and also the ability to request parts is also present.

I have a long list of features that intend to implement on this website, the ability to sell parts, list parts, mobile apps the list goes on, its an on going process, the first step is to prove to Google that I can make this the best car parts website on the internet.

Thank you for supporting me and my website, there are not enough females in the web development field and there are very few entrepreneurs that are female in the field of car parts, something im proud very proud of.

In an effort to give back to my community I like to sponsor local teams and sports, ive sponsored Josh Wainright in his quest to become a superbike star and Forrest Hill Football Club and if you are looking for sponsorship and you are from the South East London area please send me a message, especially if your are a female in a male dominated sport who needs some help realise your dreams like I have, send me a message and ill get back to you

Kindest Regards

Haylee Wong
Managing Director
morepartz LTD

Got any questions?

Get in touch we will be happy to help!