8 how many parts are in a car?

how many parts are in a car?

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Cars have become an integral part of most of our lives. They make traveling from one place to another an easy task and ensure that you get to work on time. They are by your side regardless of what time of the day it is. You can say that your car is your constant companion through the thick and thin of life. This does not mean that you have an all-love relationship with your vehicle. All of us have been through instances when our automobile refused to cooperate. How many of you have been in a hurry to get to a venue only to discover that your beloved car just won't start?

Even when we are subjected to such instances and bad days, most of us cannot imagine our lives without the luxury of a car. After all, who would want to use the public transport if they could avoid it?

It comes as a surprise that even though cars are such a crucial part of most of our lives, only a few of us are aware of the different parts of a car. This is the reason why we are forced to seek third-party help whenever our vehicle breaks down, regardless of how small the issue is. If you are one such person, we are here to provide you with details about different elements of a car to ensure that you are better aware of the technicalities of your buddy than you are currently.

How Many Parts?

Let's begin with the question that most of you will not have an answer to. Do you know how many parts go into making a car? If you are thinking a few hundred or thousand parts, you are in for a rude awakening.

In reality, your car includes approximately 30,000 parts. That is right. It takes 30,000 elements to provide you with the vehicle you cherish. You might wonder, how can a car have so many elements? Well, it is because components in an automobile are counted down to the number of screws and bolts, and it's safe to assume that a beast of technology such as a car is bound to use a lot of screws.

Most of these parts are made out of different materials and provide diverse functions. It is integral for each of these components to be high quality to ensure that the vehicle that is formed in the end succeeds in performing up to par. Whether it be brakes, steering wheel or windshields, quality manufacturers invest a lot into ensuring that each of the element of the car is durable enough to play its part.

Breaking Down the Important Parts

While there is a total of 30,000 components in a vehicle, don't worry, as we won't be asking you to know the functions of all of them. However, it is a fact that knowing the purposes of specific elements will allow you to drive responsibly as well as identify the source of the problem when your car breaks down.


Let us start with one of the most important components of a car, that is, its engine. The chances are that most of you will be familiar with this part of the car. For those of you who are not sure what it does, an engine is what powers the car.

Mostly, modern cars make use of internal combustion engines that operate with the help of gasoline. In the engine, gas and air are drained into a chamber where the two are compressed. The compression of gas and air leads to the production of a spark which, when produced repeatedly, powers the car. You might have heard of dealers telling you the power of a car. Well, this power is dependent on the size and quality of the engine.


You might have noticed that your car consumes quite a lot of electricity. Whether it be the radio or the headlight, all of it requires some power. The entire electrical system of the car finds its required energy from a rechargeable battery. This battery, in turn, gets charged from the engine which further stresses the importance of the engine.

This rechargeable battery is responsible for starting the car. It is because it provides the motion that is needed initially to ignite the engine. This is why having a dead battery or one which has been damaged means that you can't use your car. Leaving the electrical system of your car functional even when your vehicle is not in use is one of the most common reasons why batteries tend to die.

Hence, you can view the battery of your car as the second most important component after the engine. This is because to use your car, you need your headlights and indicators. If you are low on battery, none of the electrical systems will work.

Hence, make sure you never leave the engine or the electrical system of your car operational without a legitimate reason unless you wish to use the public transport or walk to your destination.


Some of you who want to know the workings of an automobile might wonder how the power produced by an engine leads to the motion of the wheels and other parts of the car. There has to be something linking it all, right? This is exactly what happens, but what connects the engine to the wheels? Well, a driveline does.

The driveline itself is made from an array of elements, each of which performs the same function, i.e., connect the power that is produced by the engine to the wheels. This allows the wheels of the car to perform both forward and backward motions.

In the driveline, the engine is linked to the driveshaft which is made out of metal. The two components are joined through a transmission. It doesn't matter whether your car uses manual or automatic mode of transmission; the workings of the driveline remain the same. Whenever you change the gear, the engine's speed becomes equal to the amount of power required by the car to provide users with the vehicle speed they need.

The amount of power that has to be generated by the engine depends on various factors, ranging from the slope of the surface being driven on to the total weight of the car and its occupants.


Wheels and tires are something everyone is aware of. They are also the component that tends to cause a lot of delays for people. How many times have you rushed toward your car, already late for work, only to discover that your car has a flat tire? Those of you who do not like asking for third-party help will find learning how to change tires to be an excellent skill, especially if you spend a lot of your time on the road.

To ensure that the wheels of your car stay with you for a long period, make sure you opt for all-season tires. These tires have various features which allow them to remain usable in all sorts of seasons.


There is nothing more important than making sure that the brakes of your car are high quality. This is because brakes are one of the most crucial components of the vehicle which are there for your safety. A failed brake can cause a lot of problems for you and other vehicles.

There are two types of brakes available in the market, namely disc and drum brakes. While a disc brake uses a spinning disc to slow down the car, the drum brakes make use of shoes that are pushed and linked with the spinning cylinder to decrease the speed of the vehicle. You can have either one of the brakes or both of them in your car. The latter option allows you to reap advantages of both systems.


All in all, understanding your automobile holds the utmost importance. It allows you to be safe from accidents since you are able to detect problems in various components before they become a serious issue. It is true that cars and other automobiles are quite a complicated machine. After all, they feature over 30,000 parts. Something like that is bound to be complex, but that does not mean that the vehicle is impossible to understand. Considering how much time most of us spend on the road, the least we can do is be aware of the machine we have put our trust in. Knowing about its components and their functions also guarantees that the next time you buy a car for yourself, you are able to choose one which truly is the best of the lot.

Know your vehicle and equip yourself with the knowledge that will allow you to identify issues. Render the need of constant visits to the auto repair shop unnecessary. Be a responsible driver and enjoy the features and functions of your vehicle to the fullest.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details
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