56 how to jump start your car properly (including how to use a jump starter charger)

how to jump start your car properly (including how to use a jump starter charger)

By Vukasin Herbez on 2018-07-06 15:13:27

In the previous articles, we discussed all important issues regarding car batteries, from common problems to installing and maintaining this important car component. However, today we will tell you how to properly jump start your car using another vehicle and a set of jumping cables or a car jumper charger kit. This is an extremely important and valuable thing to know since you never know when it might come in handy to start your vehicle or help somebody. Jumpstarting your car isn´t exactly a complicated process but you need to follow these steps carefully because if you don‘t, your car battery might explode and your car could catch fire. Anyway, this is the complete guide with each step carefully explained.

1. Position two vehicles close together

First thing you need to do is to park the cars extremely close to each other. Since you will be using a pair of jumping cables you‘ll want to park as close as possible in order for cables to reach from one car battery to the other. In most cases, car batteries are located under the bonnet so parking the bumper of the car to bumper will do the trick. Be sure that you can easily access the batteries and that there are no obstacles. Open the bonnets of both cars and remove the plastic covers on the car batteries for access to battery internals you want to connect.

2. Start the vehicle with working battery

Since you have two cars, one with a dead battery, you should start the car with the working one, since it will provide the power for jump starting. Never attempt to jump start without turning the donor car on. The power will not be significant and you will probably fail or even damage the car‘s electric system.

3. Connect two batteries

This is the most important step in the process. Connecting the battery internals is crucial since this is the way to transmit the electricity but it is also extremely dangerous since you will start a fire if you do it wrong. The jump start cables come clearly marked, one in red and one in black color and the red one should be used for positive or ´+´ internals while the black one should be used for ´-´ or negative internals. Find the positive terminal on one car´s battery, marked with the ´+´ and connected it with the ´+´ marked terminal on the other car´s battery, using the red cable. Repeat the process with the negative terminal marked ´´ and use the black cable. Make sure that the cables are not crossed or tangled. DO NOT by any means connect ´+´ with the ´-´ internal since the positive and negative electric current will overheat the battery, make it explode or start a fire under the bonnet. Either way, you will make a big mess and this is exactly what you don´t want to do. So, before going further always check if you connected the batteries properly.

4. Jump start the car

For best results, ask a person in the donor car to rev it up to 3000 rpm before starting the car with the dead battery. Revving up will increase the amount of electric power in the donor battery and the alternator will replace the lost power when jump starting. Then sit in the car with a dead battery and turn on the key. If you did everything right, your car should start immediately without any problems. If for some reason, your car cranks up slowly, the reason could be insignificant power form the donor battery. Smaller car batteries have tough time jump-starting big cars due to small capacity. In that case, ask the person in the donor car to rev its engine higher and provide more energy which should be sufficient for successful starting.

5. Removing the cables

After the successful jump start, remove the cables. The removal process is simple and first, you disconnect the black or ´-´ cable from both sides and then you disconnect the ´+´ or red cable from both sides. Never disconnect both sides at the same time and risk of cable clamps connecting, since it will cause sparks and even short fuse. You want to safely remove one cable and then another and avoid that risk. After the cables are gone, both vehicles are working it is time to cover both batteries and close the bonnet on both cars.

6. Inspecting the cables

There are numerous choices on the market for car jump cables but not all of them are good buys. After the jump start, you should always inspect the cables and if the cables are extremely hot with melting isolation or visible copper wires this means that they are broken and shouldn´t be used again. The cheap jump cables are good for one to two jumpstarts before they are done. The reason is simple, cheap cables are made with poor quality steel, aluminum or copper plated wires which are nor capable of transmitting a large amount of electric energy. This means that they will burn out during the normal jumping procedure and become unusable. Always look for more expensive cables with pure copper wires which can endure much more and can be used numerous times.

7. Jumpstarting using jump starter charger

For those who don´t know, jump starters are an extremely practical and useful piece of kit, highly recommended for all motorists. This is basically a big rechargeable battery with cables and clamps, perfectly suited for jumpstarting. The procedure is identical to standard jumpstarting, just properly connect the cables and you start your car. Jump starter chargers are pretty affordable and come in several sizes for starting smaller car batteries to big industrial ones, for trucks or heavy machinery. Normal ones are the size of a shoe box which makes them perfect for carrying in the trunk of any car. They will come in handy when you have a dead battery and you are in the middle of nowhere with no one to help you. The prices start at around 50 pounds up and they can be found in most part shops or online.

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how to jump start your car properly (including how to use a jump starter charger)

By Vukasin Herbez on 2018-07-06 15:13:27

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