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Air Conditioning And Heating

We all want to be comfortable when we are driving; when it's very cold outside, we like our cabin to be warm and when it's warm outside we like our cabin to be cool. This means you will be relying on your car's heating and air conditioning system.

In summer months, keeping your car cool is important and this includes keeping the engine cool to prevent it from overheating. Usually, the air conditioning system will work to be around 7∞ to 10∞ lower than the outside ambient temperature. The air con system uses a refrigerant gas which may need recharging when it isn´t as cool as it once was. One reason for this is that some of the refrigerant gas may be lost when used through the year. A specialist air conditioning refilling outlet will also highlight if there are any leaks to the system.

In winter, the engine must be warm to prevent it from freezing-up and being damaged as a result. Indeed, most of us don't think about our car's heating system until the weather gets colder which means there is often a rush to repair any issues.

Replacement parts for a car heater

The car´s heater system is usually a simple design that is easy to maintain and to diagnose any problems. Otherwise, the replacement parts for a car heater are cheap and relatively easy to fit.

Essentially, the cooling and heating systems work together to ensure that cabin temperature can be controlled easily using the buttons and switches on the control panel.

However, it needs to be appreciated that components will wear out and those items in the air conditioning and heating systems tend to be subjected to big fluctuations in temperature, certainly more than in other parts of your car.

Replacement part for your heating or air con system

It's important that should an item need replacing, that you enter your vehicle registration on the Morepartz website to ensure that the replacement part is the right one for your heating or air con system.

It's also important that you do not confuse one part of the system with another, for example, mixing up the roles of the evaporator with the compressor.

The cooling system will include parts such as the radiator, expansion tank, fan clutch and fans. There may also be an intercooler, thermostats and thermostat housing as well as hoses and clips and the water pump.

Air conditioning system not functioning correctly

Should your air conditioning system not be functioning correctly it may be down to the compressor or the evaporator or you may need new switches and sensors, expansion valves, a condenser or new controls.

If there are issues with your heating, and this is an important function in winter to help demist your windscreen and to keep the cabin warm, then you could be looking at a new heater matrix or a heater motor while the cabin suction fan or heater cables may need replacing.

Another important aspect, particularly for the air conditioning system, is that you should use quality replacement parts and have the air conditioning serviced on a regular basis.

Whatever your needs are for your car´s air conditioning and heating systems, here at Morepartz we can supply quality replacement car parts.

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