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exhausts and exhaust parts Information and Guide

Exhausts & Exhaust Parts

Your car´s exhaust system plays a very important function and there are three important exhaust parts you need to appreciate. The first is that the exhaust system will direct the engine´s exhaust fumes to the rear of the car and the system will also reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in those fumes to help reduce the car's emissions. The third important function is to help reduce the noise from the fuel combustion process.

The car´s exhaust system consists of a series of pipes and chambers that start at the engine and then runs along the underneath of the vehicle. For most cars with a four-cylinder engine, they will use a single exhaust pipe down the length of the car. For those cars with V8 engines, or other high performance engines, they can have a twin exhaust fitted so there are two pipes running underneath the car.

Your car´s exhaust system

Your car´s exhaust system will consist of:

  • The exhaust pipe
  • A silencer or muffler
  • A catalytic combat
  • An oxygen sensor
  • The exhaust manifold
  • Diesel engines will have a particulate filter.

Noises from your exhaust system

One of the issues if you do hear noises from your exhaust system is that missing brackets or loose parts can put structural stress on the system itself and then cause damage to more expensive components. Prompt action when you think there's a problem with your exhaust system is necessary.

Also, if you use your car for lots of short journeys then you will accelerate the corrosion of the exhaust system. That's because after a short drive the water vapour that forms in the system will cool and turn back into liquid and increase the chances of rust developing.

For those who may not be aware, this is a quick guide to the exhaust system components:

Exhaust manifold

This is located on the engine and collects exhaust gases from the engine´s cylinders and will help put these gases into the exhaust system and ensure that toxic gases do not enter the cabin.

Manifolds are exposed to extreme pressures and heat and can wear out and cracks can develop. The mountings can also break.

Oxygen sensor

Found on either side of the car's catalytic converter, the oxygen sensor measures how much oxygen is in the exhaust system and uses this information to reduce how much fuel is needed to be added into the chamber so the mixture is correct

Diesel particulate filter

The filter will remove soot or particular matter from a diesel engine´s exhaust gas. The filter helps your car meet tougher emission standards but they can become clogged and sometimes need replacing.

It's important that you maintain your exhaust system because this will help with engine performance and maintain your car's fuel efficiency. It will also, keep your engine noise to a minimum and convert any dangerous chemicals found in exhaust fumes to less harmful ones.

However, exhaust failure or structural damage can occur with the main reason for an exhaust system failing being rust through the exhaust pipe is liable to other damage. In some cases, erosion or damage may be so bad that an exhaust part will come loose and then be dragged along the road. This obviously is a problem that needs rectifying. If you hear rattling, it may be a loose heat shield, bracket or a piece of the exhaust pipe.

Replacement parts for exhausts and exhaust parts

The replacement parts for exhausts and exhaust parts may include:


Exhaust assembly

Catalytic converter and manifold

Exhaust centre section

Exhaust heat shield

Exhaust Manifold & Turbo

Exhaust particulate filter

Exhaust pipe - Front

Exhaust silencer

Exhaust tailpipe

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