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Without an ignition system working effectively, you won't be able to drive your vehicle. Not everybody appreciates how important the ignition system is for a car or van but here we will explain more about what is involved.

Among the items for the car's ignition are spark plugs, a rotor arm, ignition modules and leads, ignition coils, glow plugs, distributors and distributor caps and condensers.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs play a crucial role and ignite the mixture of air and fuel to power the engine. However, spark plugs deteriorate over time because of wear and tear and also deposit build-up. If a plug is misfiring you should check and change the spark plugs so they perform as they should do. If your car struggles to start, it may be the spark plugs.

Rotor arm

The rotor arm spins around the inside of the distributor cap and makes contact with electrical terminals. This creates a high-voltage current that then travels along via the spark plug leads to the spark plugs to ignite the fuel mixture. Again, rotor arms can wear out over time.

Ignition modules and leads

Found in the distributor housing, the ignition module receives a signal from the sensor or magnetic pickup in the distributor and then uses these to open and close the circuit to the ignition coil to help fire the spark plugs. The ignition leads play an important role in this process.

Ignition coil

This is a transformer device and will transform the battery´s 12 volts into the 20- or 30,000 volts needed for the spark plugs to fire. If the spark plug misfires or fails to start this could be the ignition coil failing.

Glow plugs

Glow plugs are used by diesel engines and generate the heat when the engine is cold to warm the engine block when it will be safe to start the vehicle.

Distributor and distributor cap

The distributor is the crucial link for the engine's electrical system and helps distribute the high-voltage generated by the ignition coil to the spark plugs. The distributor cap is also important as it's part of this process and is subject to a continuous stream of electrical charges and sparks. The cap itself can corrode and lead to misfires.


The condenser works as a temporary storage device for the electricity and helps reduce the spark at contact points and reduce the burning of the points.

To help underline just how important the ignition system is to your car or van, there are a number of issues that can be simply rectified and the symptoms may include fuel economy becoming worse, problems starting the car, a jerky ride or even backfiring. These are probably down to the ignition coil.

Also, should your spark plugs become worn out, then the ignition coil will have to work harder to increase their output and this can result in failure. There's also a danger of the coil´s internal insulation becoming damaged which could then lead to the failure of the control unit so you may need to replace the whole set rather than just the coil that has failed.

If you are looking for any part of the ignition system for your vehicle, then the Morepartz website will be able to meet your needs and remember that you should always invest in the best quality parts for your ignition system.

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