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Other Car Parts

Here at Morepartz we aim to deliver just about every spare part that your vehicle will require whether you are repairing, servicing or modifying your car.

Sometimes there is a need for the unusual such as flame trap brushing, a flame trap O-Ring, and a flame trap hose. They all sound like they play an important part in your car's functioning.

So, the flame trap brushing is used in some vehicles as a flame arrester and it's a device that stops a flame when the fuel and air mixture is below its ignition temperature. This means there's also a role for the flame trap O-Ring which is simply a round plastic or rubber ring that goes between the flame trap and breather pipe. The flame trap hose is also known as a breather hose which helps transfer the gas from one component to another.

As you will see from the list of other car parts, the list also includes:

PCV valve

The PCV valve helps control the flow of crankcase fumes and helps control ventilation for the crankcase and may be the cause of an expensive oil leak.

Purge Valve

The Purge Valve plays an important role to prevent fuel vapour in the fuel tank from escaping into the atmosphere. In new cars, the purge valve is an electrically operated solenoid and it's controlled by the car´s computer.

Air Inject Valve

The air injects valve pushes air into the exhaust system just after the manifold to help intercept and then burn any fuel that hasn't been burned already. This is a critical part to achieve emission standards.

IAT sensor

Also known as the intake air temperature sensor, it helps dictate the car's fuel economy so if your car is stalling or has rough idling it may be down to a faulty intake air temperature sensor.

Vent Cap

A Vent Cap is simply a way to prevent water and other debris from entering the fuel tank. Because of emission rules, the fuel tank is closed and a valve helps deal with air pressure.

Bimetallic Valve

Sometimes called a bi-metal vacuum switching valve, it is usually found in fuel pumps and helps the smooth progress of your car.

Deceleration Pump

The Deceleration Pump is part of the braking system and utilizes the wheel speed sensor to determine the deceleration of the wheels - and helps you to not 'pump' the brakes.

Diaphragm Position Sensor

The Diaphragm Position Sensor helps increase braking pressure when required.

Decel Pump Diaphragm

The Decel Pump Diaphragm helps the pump to function.

Essentially, the range of Other car parts´ can be quite extensive and they all play an important part in the effective running of our vehicles and may also help ensure that we can accelerate and decelerate safely. For your quality Other car parts´, use Morepartz.

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