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Should your vehicle´s heater start to blow cold air when it should be blowing warm will indicate a potential issue and this could include several components ñ one of which could be the thermostat. Should there be an issue with the heating or air conditioning system, then it's important that you act to have these resolved as quickly as possible because they play a vital role in our car; they help us keep warm when it is cold weather outside and cool on hot summer days. The heating and air- con also help you demist the windows so you can see clearly the road ahead.

A stuck thermostat

If there are issues then it could be a stuck thermostat. The thermostat is essentially a valve that will open and close and its action depends on the temperature of the coolant in the system. It will remain closed to enable the engine to warm up efficiently and when the engine reaches a certain temperature it will open to help the coolant circulate. However, if it does not open when the engine reaches the right temperature, then the coolant will not be able to circulate and this may lead to the vehicle´s engine overheating. Also, should the thermostat remain open it will prevent the engine from properly warming up or at least make the warming up phase much longer? However, an issue with the thermostat may not just be the gauge reading higher than usual ñ it may also show as being cooler than usual too.

There could be other issues for why the heater is blowing cold and they include a blocked heater core, coolant not flowing through the car and air in the coolant system. Other issues may include a malfunction of the water pump, a cooling system leak or a blocked radiator. In addition to the issues of the car overheating there is also a risk that the heat could damage other parts of the car with components overheating; these could be damaged beyond repair and be costly to replace.

Electronic thermostats

Also, some modern vehicles have electronic thermostats, they are often referred to as map-controlled thermostats, and will open and close as a traditional thermostat will do and mix hot coolant with cold to cool down the coolant if commanded by the engine´s computer. This is one way of boosting performance and cars with electronic thermostats have a quicker warm-up, better emissions, and fuel economy with better performance.

Replacing a thermostat is straightforward and they are cheap part to buy though the price will depend on the vehicle and it might be an idea to use new gaskets when replacing the thermostat to help eliminate any possibility of leaks. For those with a map-controlled thermostat you need to track down the cause of the fault with a code reader and if it is the thermostat replace it as necessary.

Replace a faulty thermostat

Should you need to replace a faulty thermostat, then it's important that you source a quality replacement part that is recommended by the manufacturer and source it from a reputable supplier such as Morepartz.

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