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heres how the seasons and weather can affect your car batterycar-on-road.jpg
Modern cars are designed to be dependable transport for everyday use and to sustain all weather conditions. This doesn´t mean that the weather doesn‘t affect car batteries and electrical systems

here are the main differences between old and modern car batteriestemp.png
Most drivers take car batteries for granted and don‘t think of them as important car components. However, car batteries are irreplaceable parts of every vehicle and crucial components in proper functioning of your car

heres how to change your battery and how to install it correctlymechanic-battery.jpg
We fully understand that not all motorists are crafty with tools and ready to jump in DIY challenges maintaining or even restoring their cars

here are 5 things that will damage your paintworkrusty-car.jpg
What is the first thing you notice on a car? Is it its stance or front end design? Or is it a paint job? For the most of us, a car’s paint job is the first thing to see and if the car is nice and shiny, it is automatically more attractive than

here are 5 reasons why your car does not startkey-in-ignition.jpg
We have all probably been in this situation. You wake up in the morning, sit behind the wheel, and turn the key, but nothing happens. The car won’t start and you are already late for work. Is it too late to call a taxi or ask somebody to give

heres signs you need to adjust and or replace your parking brake cablepull-handbrake.jpg
Have you ever had that gut-wrenching feeling of walking away from your car and seeing it roll forwards or backwards from the space where you parked it? Or hearing that ëcrunchí as it gently rolls into another vehicle or wall?

heres common signs that your clutch needs replacingreplacement-clutch.jpg
A car is a complicated thing, there are (averagely) around 30,000 single components in a regular car, all designed to give you that effortless, trouble-free experience of switching the ignition on and just driving wherever you need to go.

heres some information regarding common problems with car brakescar-brake-replacement.jpg
When you think about the life and purpose of a car´s brakes, you´ll see just what stresses they have to go through; they need to be able to work in all weathers ñ sunshine, rain and snow

here are three reasons your drum brake will stickbrake-oiling.jpg
Despite most new cars using disc brakes, there are still one or two older cars or commercial vans that use drum brakes ñ quite literally a ëdrum´ in which two brake shoes are forced against (internally) to slow the vehicle down.

how to buy new and used car parts onlinecar-part-trolley.jpg
During the lifetime of most of those reading this article we’ve gone from the only sources for cars parts was what was available locally – the dealership, car parts store

how to purchase the correct parts for your carbuy-car-parts.jpg
One would assume that for one of the simplest of all DIY car service, and oil change, that I’ll you’d have to do is walk up to the counter at your local parts store and ask for a filter for your 2014 Ford Focus

how you can easily replace your windscreen wiperswindscreen-wiper-replacement.jpg
It’s always better to replace your windscreen wipers before they wear out. No one wants to be traveling down the motorway, engage their wipers, and find themselves squinting through a streaky winds

3 innovations to replace car keysreplacement-car-keys.jpg

5 ways to unlock your car when locked outpick-car-lock.jpg

car detailing protecting your car and why its worth itcar-polishing.jpg

5 reasons why your car stallsrusty-car.jpg
Imagine yourself driving along and all of a sudden, your car starts choking, losing power and stopping. You don‘t understand what is the problem because only moments ago it worked

10 reasons why the uk police will pull you over in your carpolice-bike.jpg
Even though we all heard reports of police being rude, unreasonable or too harsh to motorists, the truth is that law enforcement officers are an extremely important factor in keeping the traffic from becoming chaotic and dangerous

10 parts of an engine you should knowcar-engine.jpg
Ever wondered how an engine works? It’s an incredibly intricate machine that doesn’t seem like it should operate. Petrol or diesel fuel is burned at extremely high temperatures in a confined space.

new car releases 2018 temp.png
We will present you 10 most interesting new 2018 cars which will become available in the next couple of months.

the pros and cons of electric carselectric-car.jpg
Even though modern electric cars represent the latest trend in the automotive industry, the patent is in fact quite old. The first electric vehicles were produced in the early 20th century but very soon

why you should never let your car run low on dieselfuel-low-gauge.jpg
At least once in its driving career, every motorist experiences running out of fuel. It happens when you forget to fill up, don‘t look at the fuel gauge or you have bad fuel line which leaks the precious fluid from your engine

seasonal maintenance summer checks you should not neglectsummer-driving.jpg
Even if you are not an experienced driver or car enthusiast, you probably know that cars need some preparation before summer as well as winter in order to have a perfectly enjoyable driving experience and a trouble-free ride

the smart car key systemsmart-key-glasses.jpg

a quick guide to performance modificationssupercharger-fire.jpg

petrol or diesel cars which is betterpetrol-diesel-pumps.jpg
ver since diesel vehicles became widely available and popular, there has been raging discussion what is the better fuel for your car

everything you need to know about buying new wheelsalloys.jpg

car safety 50 years of improvementscrashed-dummy.jpg

how to identify fluid leaks from your carcar-leak.jpg
Fluids leak from your car and your unsure what it is this guide could help you identify what fluid it is

20 checks you should do before buying a secondhand carlook-in-car.jpg

ten problems with your car that will cost you a fortunecar-headache.jpg

how your car battery works and signs it needs replacingbattery.jpg
When you drive your car, you don't think about how it works. You just drive, expecting that everything will continue to operate as it should

quick guide to car key replacementsmart-key.jpg

confused about buying car parts you shouldnt beparts-shop.jpg
The cost of replacing parts is sufficient to scare off car owners. You will often come across auto parts whose prices are so staggeringly...

thought about selling car parts on ebay this guide will helpsell-ebay.jpg
You have some spare car parts in your garage which are of no use to you. What are you going to do? Sell them, of course! What is the point of keeping a fully functioning auto part that you know you will not use and will just get ...

ever wondered how many parts there are in a carcar-parts.jpg
Cars have become an integral part of most of our lives. They make traveling from one place to another an easy task and ensure that you get to work on time. They are by your side regardless of what time of the day it is. You can say...

looking to purchase car parts online read this guide firstbuy-online.jpg
Gone are the days when customers were forced to visit physical shops if they wished to purchase anything. Now, the world has advanced to such a stage that you are able to get your hands on anything you need without moving a muscle...

how to identify car parts easilyidentify-car-parts.jpg
In the world we live in today, it is close to impossible to survive without a car or any other medium of transport. This is because we find ourselves commuting a lot, whether it be for work or for merely running chores...

how save money and order cheaper parts from japanbuy-japanese.jpg
Getting the right car parts is a challenging and risky task, and the process is not as straightforward as you might think. We all know that Japanese car parts are the best, and everyone loves importing them. Buying online is, however...

how to find part numbers on the parts in your carpart-bluepring.jpg
For most of us, our vehicles are our constant companion. It is hard to imagine life without them. Once you get your car, the prospect of using a bus or train to reach your office or the market seems like a long and tiring method of...

thinking of selling car parts online read here firstsell-parts.jpg
The internet has made sure that you do not have to face any dearth of opportunities. A lot can be accomplished with the help of the internet with optimal ease and feasibility. For instance, when a certain part of your car incurred damage in the...

cleaning plastic parts made easypaint-parts.jpg
If you\

learn how to clean aluminium parts the right wayclean-car-parts.jpg
Regardless of whether you are thinking of prepping your car so that it can be made available to be purchased, get it clean preceding mechanical surgery; or simply would prefer not to wince when you open the hood, a bit of cleaning would improve thing