Affiliate Disclosure for MOREPARTZ.CO.UK

We use affiliate links throughout our website. These are special links that track the referral from our site to external websites, such as eBay, Amazon, and other affiliate partners. When you click on these links and make a purchase, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

2. Our Partners

We have chosen our affiliate partners with care, focusing on reputable companies known for quality car parts and accessories. Our main partners include eBay and Amazon, but we also work with other select companies in the automotive industry.

3. No Additional Cost to You

It’s important to understand that there is no additional cost to you when you purchase through our affiliate links. The prices are the same as if you visited these sites directly. The commission we earn comes from the retailer, not from you.

4. Product Selection and Reviews

Our recommendations and reviews are based on thorough research and, where possible, personal testing. Affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content. We aim to provide honest, unbiased information to help you make informed decisions.

5. Your Support

By using our affiliate links, you are supporting MOREPARTZ.CO.UK. This support enables us to continue creating valuable content and updating our website with the latest information and resources.

6. Transparency and Trust

Transparency is key to building trust. We are committed to being upfront about our affiliate relationships. Our goal is to offer you valuable information while being clear about how we operate.

7. Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions about our affiliate links or how we operate, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is important, and we are here to provide clarity and support.

Thank you for visiting MOREPARTZ.CO.UK and for your support. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our Affiliate Disclosure

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are special URLs that track the referral of a customer from our website to an affiliate partner's website, like eBay or Amazon.

Does it cost extra to buy through affiliate links?

No, it does not cost you extra. The price you pay is the same as if you visited the affiliate site directly.

How does MOREPARTZ.CO.UK earn money from affiliate links?

When you purchase a product through our affiliate links, we earn a small commission from the sale from our affiliate partners.

Do affiliate links affect the products you recommend?

No, our product recommendations and reviews are based on independent research and testing. Our affiliate relationships do not influence our editorial content.

Can I trust the information on your website?

Yes, our goal is to provide honest, unbiased information. We strive to build trust with our audience through transparency and integrity in our content.

Who are your affiliate partners?

Our main affiliate partners are eBay and Amazon, but we also partner with other reputable companies in the automotive industry.

Why do you use affiliate links?

Affiliate links are a way for us to generate revenue to support the operation of our website, allowing us to continue providing valuable content to our readers.

How can I support MOREPARTZ.CO.UK?

You can support us by using our affiliate links to make purchases. This helps us earn a commission without any extra cost to you.

Are the prices of products higher because of affiliate links?

No, the prices remain the same. The commission we receive is a part of the retailer's profit margin.

Where can I find out more about your affiliate policies?

You can read our full affiliate disclosure on our website. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

What if I have a problem with a product I purchased through an affiliate link?

If you have an issue with a product, you should contact the retailer or manufacturer directly. While we can provide guidance, we do not handle customer service for products sold through affiliate links.

Can I opt-out of using affiliate links?

Yes, you can choose to visit the retailer's site directly without using our affiliate links.