27 10 reasons why the uk police will pull you over in your car

10 reasons why the uk police will pull you over in your car

By Vukasin Herbez on 2018-04-24 09:36:18

Even though we all heard reports of police being rude, unreasonable or too harsh to motorists, the truth is that law enforcement officers are an extremely important factor in keeping the traffic from becoming chaotic and dangerous. Young drivers often have misconceptions that the traffic police is there to write tickets and be unfair, but in reality, police officers are here to protect the motorists and make sure that everything is running smoothly and without any problems. That is why you should always respect the members of the police since their advices will help you get where you are going as safely as possible. If you have been pulled over by the police, it must have been because you gave them a good reason. Today, we will tell you about 10 most common reasons why the police will stop you.

Driving Over The Speed Limit

The majority of police stops are because motorists don’t respect the speed limits. Police use speed radars and other instruments to exactly measure how fast you were going, but also if you slide out of the curve with screeching tires and screaming engine, be sure that you will be stopped by the cops as soon as they see you.

Visual Damage On The Car

If the police patrol notices that you have broken headlights or windshield, you can expect to be pulled over. It is understandable really, since driving without lights or with a smashed windshield is not safe. You might not get a ticket but you will get a warning and advice to fix it as soon as possible.

No License Plates

In most countries in the world, driving without license plates is an offense. License plates are a visible sign that your car is registered and safe to use on public roads. If you drive without them, the police can suggest that the car was stolen or that the plates have been stolen, or that the car is not registered. Either way, they will pull you over for it.

Hazardous driving

Burning rubber on the stop light, swerving in traffic and erratic driving are all proven ways to get stopped by the police. From their perspective, you are driving hazardously and they’re assuming that you’re either running away or you are driving under the influence. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t do it since you will get a ticket.

Improper Lane Change

One of the first things you learn in driving school is how to properly change lanes, using turn signals and making sure that you can do it safely. However, if you do it over solid lines, without using turn signals and in pretty aggressive fashion, be sure that you will get stopped by the police and get a ticket.

Driving Too Slowly

Driving too slowly is equally dangerous as driving too fast and the police will take notice if you are driving well under the speed limit. They will stop you to see what is the reason for this behavior and is your car broken since slow drivers can cause pileups and make traffic jams. You probably won’t get a ticket for driving too slow, but you’ll be issued a warning and instructions to keep your speed around the speed limit and don’t slow other drivers down.

Not Wearing A Seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt while in a vehicle is mandatory in almost every country in the world and traffic police will stop you if they see you don’t have it on. Pulling you over for this offence is in your best interest since, having a seat belt on will protect you in case of an accident. You should make a habit of putting on the seat belt before even starting the car.


Driving too close to the car in front of you is a very dangerous activity since you are very likely to crash into it if the car brakes too hard. If police officers notice this, they will stop you and advise you to keep at least two car lengths of distance for safe braking. Most likely you will not get a ticket but a warning, lecture in physics of moving objects and dangers of driving too close.

Distracted driving

One of the main reasons of accidents in modern times is distracted driving, using your phone or texting while behind the wheel. In order to use your phone you must take your eyes of the road which is a first step towards disaster. If the police officers notice you are talking or texting, they will pull you over and you will get a ticket. Since distracted driving is one of the biggest problems of today‘s driving, especially amongst the younger drivers, we must strongly suggest you avoid texting and driving and always make sure you are parked before you use your smartphone.

Vehicle In Poor Shape

If you drive around in car that looks like it has come from a scrapyard, that has discolored panels or smokes heavily from the exhaust pipe, the police will stop you. They might check the MOT, registration and insurance papers and all other documents showing that your vehicle is safe for use on public roads. If it is, they will wish you a safe trip and you will be on your way soon, but if it isn‘t, then you are in trouble.

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10 reasons why the uk police will pull you over in your car

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