heres how to change your battery and how to install it correctly

2018-07-06 13:39:58

We fully understand that not all motorists are crafty with tools and ready to jump in DIY challenges maintaining or even restoring their cars. Simply, a car´s mechanics are too complicated and require a certain level of knowledge and skills not all people posses. However, in the world of car maintenance there are still some things that all car owners can do and which do not require any special skills or tools. One of them is changing and installing a car battery. It is fast and easy and if you follow these steps, you would be able to do it safely and without any problems.

1. Disconnecting the old battery

Of course, before installing the new one, you must remove the old battery and it is located in a clearly marked area under the hood or, in some cases, just below the luggage compartment of the vehicle. The internals of the car battery are connected to car wires and you will need a wrench to loosen up the bolts and you will find a right one in your tool set that comes with the vehicle. You can also use the socket and ratchet. Be sure that your put wires aside and it is safe to remove the battery. In some cases, a battery is held in place by a bracket which needs to be removed, you will do it easily with ordinary tools.

2. Installing the new one

Providing you bought the right car battery, it should fit perfectly in terms of dimensions. Always use batteries recommended by the car manufacturer and be sure that you installed it correctly. This means that the battery must not move or be loose and should sit tightly in its place. The red or ´+´ battery internal must be connected with red or ´+´ battery cable and black or ´-´ battery internal must be connected with black or ´-´ battery cable. This is a crucial thing when installing the car battery and pay attention on this step.

If you do it wrong and connect ´+´ internal with the ´-´ cable or red with the black you could damage your car‘s electrical system and even start a fire, but most modern cars have safety switches to keep the car‘s electronics intact in case something like this happens. Always double check if you connected it properly since this is very important.

3. Securing the car battery

After you are sure that everything is installed as it should be, you can tighten the bolts connecting the car battery‘s internals and car wires. Do not tighten them too much since in some cases, heat can cause internals to stick and almost weld itself to the cable connectors, so spray some anti-corrosion compound if you have it lying around. You want to be able to remove it easily in the future so have that in mind. If the car is equipped with a safety bracket, you can bolt it back and be sure that the battery is tightly in position. You don‘t want a battery which sits loosely under the hood since it will move during driving and if it is not perfectly connected it can loosen the connectors and leave you without power.