25 new car releases 2018

new car releases 2018

By Vukasin Herbez on 2018-04-18 05:58:39

Despite the rising environmental standards and fuel prices, we truly live in the golden age of automobiles. Never before or since there were so many cars on sale and so many different models to choose from. The car industry is a highly competitive place and all manufacturers try really hard to capture the car-buying public‘s attention constantly introducing new shapes and improved designs. That is why we will present you 10 most interesting new 2018 cars which will become available in the next couple of months.

Audi A6

The latest generation of Audi‘s popular sedan brings us new chassis architecture, new engines and numerous improvements compared to the old model. Design-wise Audi has chosen only to enhance the characteristic form but not to present a totally new shape. This means that the brand new Audi A6 will still look recognizable and similar to the smaller A4 and flagship A8 model. However, under the hood is where all the interesting stuff happens, and all A6 models are now mild hybrids, incorporating electric assisted powertrains which can recuperate kinetic energy and help deliver better fuel economy. Also, the new A6 will have more interior room as well as trunk space which will make driving it more comfortable and a pleasant experience.

Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar caused much controversy when it introduced the F-Pace, the company‘s first SUV model. However, sales results show that this was the perfect move and the famous British brand is moving into SUV segment and new technologies fast. The latest addition to the fleet is I-Pace, a fully electric model. Equipped with two electric motors with a combined output of 394 horsepower and expected range of 240 miles, the I-Pace looks like a serious Tesla competitor. Also, it is worth mentioning the 4.5 second 0 to 60 mph time which makes this compact family SUV quicker than most sports cars.

Ford Focus Mk4

Since its 1998 debut, Focus has been one of Ford‘s best sellers not just in UK but globally, that is why the recently presented fourth generation caused much attention. The new Volkswagen Golf fighter is much improved with brand new design, muscular fenders and big front grille. Also, the interior is totally new with a big central infotainment display, better ergonomics and materials. The Focus is now available in several distinctive trim levels including Focus Active, a SUV-like model with more ground clearance and tougher look. Ford prepared a wide arrange of gasoline and diesel engines for start but hybrid and performance versions will arrive later. Sales start this summer.

Peugeot 508

You probably remember successful Peugeot‘s sedans like 406 or 407 which were elegant and stylish proposals in an otherwise pretty boring car class. Well, after those models, Peugeot didn‘t have a proper contender in VW Passat-dominated market segment until now. Meet Peugeot 508, the brand new French mid-class four-door model which should beat the competition with its brand new design, advanced technology and powerful engines. Peugeot just introduced the 508 and currently you can get only the ‘First Edition’ limited production model equipped with a 180 horsepower diesel or a 225 horsepower gasoline engine. Expect more models and full availability later this year.

McLaren Senna GTR Concept

For lovers of exotic machines, the biggest 2018 premiere is definitely the insane McLaren Senna GTR Concept. Although McLaren insists it is still a concept car, the level of details and complete specifications lists suggest that this is a production ready vehicle which will be released shortly. The Senna is named after the legendary F1 champion Ayrton Senna, and it is basically a race car for the street. It is equipped with a 825 horsepower engine, lightweight chassis made out of special materials, track-tuned suspension and active aerodynamic package which create over 1000 kilograms of downforce. The amazing specs guarantee fantastic driving dynamics and also astronomical price.

Volvo V60

In the last few years we are witnessing Volvo‘s renaissance with new models, interesting concepts, strong sales and the introduction of very specific and signature Volvo design language. After the very successful 90 Series model in sedan and wagon configuration, Volvo is presenting a smaller but equally good V60 Wagon which has all key brand characteristics but in a more compact package. The rising popularity of station wagons makes us think that the SUV era is near its end and Volvo‘s wagons are the perfect way of forgetting bulky SUVs and crossover models without compromising practicality, style and interior space.

Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door

Mercedes presented several models at this year‘s Geneva Motor Show in March but the most interesting premiere is definitely the super fast and sleek AMG GT 4-Door. This is basically a sedan version of Mercedes AMG GT sports car, equipped with the same engine and drivetrain. The idea was to present an extremely capable four door sports car without compromising any driving dynamics AMG GT is known for, but adding more space, comfort and usability. With the entry level 429 horsepower engine and 577 horsepower GT 63 version coming later this year, unbelievable performance figures are guaranteed.

Toyota Auris Hybrid

The biggest news from Toyota in 2018 is the new GR Supra Racing Concept which basically announces the new generation of the famous sports car. But, this isn‘t a production model so we will concentrate on the new UK-built Auris model. The interesting thing about the new Auris is that all versions, both gasoline and diesel will feature a hybrid assisted drivetrains which will make it not only fuel efficient but environmentally friendly as well. The new Auris Hybrid features new design, more interior space and two tone paint job as an interesting option.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

One of the biggest sports car premieres of 2018 is Porsche 911 GT3 RS. This is not the most powerful or the fastest 911 currently on sale, so what makes it so interesting? Well, the GT3 RS is the most driver-focused, lightest and track-ready car that Porsche makes. It requires a lot of skill, practice and courage to control the naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine with 513 horsepower. The 911 GT3 RS also comes with stripped-down interior, manual gearbox and active aero package for ultimate performance and driving experience.

Range Rover SV Coupe

As one of the most popular luxury SUV models on the global market, Range Rover is consonantly under pressure to introduce new models and develop the concept of premium motoring even further. The latest creation is possibly one of the most interesting and exclusive SUVs ever made – the coupe version of the current Range Rover, called SV Coupe. The elegance of this limited production model (only 999 will be made) is undeniable and with a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 under the hood, this SV Coupe will not only be highly sought-after by wealthy buyers but also pretty capable on and off-road machine, too. The sales start this summer and the expected price is around 250,000 pounds.

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